<bio> Brian De Sousa </bio>

I am a software developer and technology enthusiast with an insatiable hunger for learning and exploring. I believe in sharing knowledge and promoting a collaborative team environment. One strong developer can build amazing software, but a team of strong empowered developers armed with knowledge, a good development process and an open, collaborative culture can do so much more.

Outside of work I can be found with my wife chasing my two children around, partaking in a late-night hack session or blogging about what I am currently working on. You can read my latest blog posts here or on the LogRocket Blog.

Latest Tweets

Fixing some "bugs" in a little Binary Decoder web app I made with my son Daniel #react #javascript #codingisfun https://github.com/briandesousa/binary-decoder/commit/00e6e3d39b76fcb6162a941d0cfbb7b7b71bace2

Update: I saw the @LogRocket post from @briandesousa1 and that was very helpful! So informative!

I'm learning new things and becoming reacquainted with the world 😊


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