<bio> Brian De Sousa </bio>

I am a software developer and technology enthusiast with an insatiable hunger for learning and exploring. I believe in sharing knowledge and promoting a collaborative team environment. One strong developer can build amazing software, but a team of strong empowered developers armed with knowledge, a good development process and an open, collaborative culture can do so much more.

Outside of work I can be found with my wife chasing my two children around, partaking in a late-night hack session or blogging about what I am currently working on. You can read my latest blog posts here or on the LogRocket Blog.

Latest Tweets

There are lots of UI web component frameworks out there these days but when you want to whip something together quickly that looks good #bootstrap is still great! Using #reactbootstrap makes it that much better. #reactjs #webdev

Flutter recently released a technical preview of web support. I wrote about it including a demonstration of how to get your Flutter web app up and running on Node.js. Check it out on the @LogRocket blog. This was a fun one! #NodeJS #Flutter #crossplatform

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