Recently Published Node.js Articles

I recently started writing for the blog at with a focus on Node.js topics. Here is a summary of some of my posts and links to the original articles.

Switching between Node versions during development

This article discusses two popular methods that allow you to install multiple versions of Node on your device and switch between them on the fly: NVM for Windows and the n” Node version manager. Getting sample Node applications running with both tools is demonstrated.

ES modules in Node.js 12, from experimental to release

ES modules have been part of the ES2015 specification for a few years. Node.js has a new experimental implementation of the specification that is expected to exit experimental status in the next few months (October 2019?). This article covers a little bit of history on ES modules in Node.js as well as some of the key features of the new experiemental implementation and how to use them.

Working with Node.js on Hyper-V and WSL2

Microsoft continues to embrace Linux. Developers are able to easily run full-blown Linux distributions within the latest versions of Windows 10 in a number of ways. Two solutions built right into Windows 10 are the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 and Hyper-V virtual machines. This article demonstrates how to get a popular Linux distribution running in both solutions, provides feature comparison and recommendation on when to use which solution.

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